Chartridge Common Area

The "Chartridge Common Area" - our community park - is a wonderful recreational resource available to all Chartridge residents. The park is regularly updated and has received a lot of attention in recent years. New sand was brought in for the volleyball court which is used on a regular basis by families and youth. We have a playground with new equipment which has recently been enhanced with new mulch, a new fence, and freshly planted trees. A new bridge across our "intermittent little creek," leads to a picturesque pond with a new cascading fountain. The pond has a healthy fish population and is stocked with trout by the Maryland Department of Natural Resources every year for our annual fishing rodeo. The landscaping and lawns are professionally maintained to retain the beauty of our community park.

The community expects our families and children to treat the park as a valuable resource and keep it tidy. Although vandalism is rare, we ask that you report it or any suspicious activity immediately and directly to the police. For safety reasons, and as a common courtesy, motor vehicles are allowed only on paved areas and off road motor vehicles such as ATV's, dirt bikes and so called "mini bikes" are not permitted on or in the park.

Common Area Use

The Chartridge Community Association has established the following rules for the park and its use. This list is by no means complete or exclusive. Many of the provisions protect the Community from legal action and some are a matter of personal safety.

As always let common sense be your guide.

Chartridge Common Area Committee

The Common Area Committee is a group of Chartridge homeowner volunteers that meets regularly to discuss the various needs of the common area and organize volunteers and resources to complete necessary maintenance and improvements to our community's common area.

The Committee also performs the important function of acting as conduit for communicating residents' ideas or concerns to the Community Association's Board of Directors. The facilities the Community enjoys are in large part a direct result of the Common Area Committee's willingness to listen to residents, evaluate ideas and concerns, and quite often put a little sweat into addressing concerns and bringing suggestions to fruition. (FYI - because of the pool's special needs, the Pool is managed and maintained by a separate Pool Committee, not the Common Area Committee)

The current Committee stands on the commitment and hard work of many prior groups and we strive to continue to maintain and improve our valuable facilities.

Pond Information

There is an abundance of life contained within its waters but the fishing and netting rule is strictly catch and release. The pond is stocked by the DNR every year, prior to the Fishing Rodeo event that is very popular among the kids. The pond has a new aerator fountain, which has proved necessary to help sustain the fish during the hot summer months. The pond is a storm water retention facility and is primarily filled from run-off water, as such its condition is affected by the nutrients which flow into it from our gardens, lawns, and roads. Please consider this as you apply fertilizers and pesticides to your gardens and lawns. The green covering that abounds from May to November is primarily various species of floating plant known collectively as "Duckweed." This plant is beneficial and helps to clean the water and processes the nutrients which are in overabundance in the storm runoff. It also provides food for several of the pond dwellers and slows water loss in times of high temperatures. The green coating of duckweed is not a significant problem to fishing as it floats right on the surface and can easily be removed.